The Veterans Cannabis Coalition is dedicated to ensuring that veterans have access to the medicine they need without fear or stigmatization. We are focused on engaging stakeholders, educating policymakers and the public, and advocating for fair and equitable cannabis laws.



Many in the veteran community struggle under unique health burdens stemming from their honorable service, and have experienced little success in managing their conditions with available pharmaceuticals. Through cannabis, veterans of all generations and states of health have experienced improvements in their quality of life--whether it is a World War II veteran with cancer or an Iraq veteran with a traumatic brain injury. The United States Government has an explicit legal, moral, and ethical obligation to provide veterans with the best care possible, and the Veterans Cannabis Coalition will work to hold our institutions responsible.

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Congress has so far not heard from veterans with experience using medical cannabis or the doctors and researchers that could tell them why cannabis can be an effective treatment. The time has come for testimony from groups and individuals on the front-lines of combating suicide and overdose in our community about how cannabis can be a powerful weapon in that fight.

Tell your representatives in Congress to invite grassroots advocates to share the information and perspective they have on veterans and cannabis!

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