cannabis bill of rights



Freedom of self-care: no law or regulation shall infringe or impede an adult person’s absolute right to consume or otherwise use cannabis for any purpose.


Freedom of cultivation: no law or regulation shall prevent or restrict an adult person’s right to grow cannabis in their residence, whether rented, owned, or publicly-subsidized, for non-commercial purposes.


Freedom of the commons: all responsible government entities will ensure that unused or under-utilized public land and facilities are made available for non-commercial citizen cannabis collectives and co-ops.

Freedom from taxation: no law or regulation shall levy direct taxes on any stage of the cannabis production process, from cultivation to consumer sales—cannabis should be treated for tax purposes as a food and medicine.


Freedom of restoration: all government judicial entities will endeavor to expunge, dismiss, and commute any and all cannabis related-convictions and charges for all persons with no cost to the individual.


Freedom of possession: no law or regulation shall restrict or penalize personal cannabis possession and no cannabis can be seized by agents of the state without a court order.


Freedom of association: no law or regulation shall restrict the ability of individuals to exercise their rights regarding cannabis collectively for non-commercial purposes.


Freedom of research: no law or regulation shall create specific barriers to the scientific investigation of cannabis.


Freedom from criminalization: no law or regulation shall apply criminal penalties specific to the consumption, cultivation, possession, manufacture, sale, or transport of cannabis; any criminality related to cannabis (tax evasion, fraud, driving under the influence, etc.) shall be prosecuted under existing law.


Freedom from stigma: no law, regulation, or judicial action shall use the presence or consumption of cannabis as an aggravating or disqualifying factor in court proceedings, employment, or any other government considerations.