Colin wells

Veterans Walk and Talk was founded on the belief that the love of fellow veterans together with cannabis is a successful path towards recovery. Colin Wells has gone from homeless and drug addicted to a leader in the Veteran Cannabis Community. We now walk every Sunday as well as participating in homeless outreach missions at least twice a month. The majority of the walkers are picked up from a veteran transitional housing unit. We believe that helping veterans find cannabis before pharmaceuticals can get a hold of them is a crucial step towards ending the veteran suicide epidemic. Any veteran who walks with us gets to try the best cannabis medicine in the world. We have many amazing sponsors and supporters who help us find jobs or at the very least quality cannabis medicine at little to no cost. Cannabis is our catalyst to getting back to the things we love. We have seen it work on every veteran who has walked with us and our goal now is to be a national non-profit organization. We believe strongly that a coalition of veterans working together can truly change the lives of millions of veterans. We were trusted to fight on our countries behalf, now trust us when we say that cannabis works for us.


Colin Wells served in the US Army Infantry from 2008-2012. He was deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom from July 2009-July 2010. He was deployed with 5th Brigade 2nd Infantry Division 4th Battalion 23rd Infantry Regiment Tomahawks who were part of Operation Moshtarak, aka the Battle of Marjah, an ISAF pacification offensive in the town of Marjah, Helmand, Province, Afghanistan. Like many veterans, when Colin returned home he faced many physical and mental problems which ended up in drug addiction and homelessness. Cannabis was the key to his success. Cannabis has helped his chronic pain and PTSD so much that he now leads a group of veterans every Sunday through his group @veteranswalkandtalk. Colin is now a leader in the Veteran Cannabis Community and advocate for veterans rights to cannabis.

Instagram- @veteranswalkandtalk