Veterans Cannabis Coalition Condemns AG Sessions' Recision of Cole Memo

January 4, 2018

(Washington, D.C.) - Today's decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to rescind the 2013 Cole memo, which laid out marijuana enforcement priorities for federal prosecutors that left state-legal cannabis providers largely protected so long as they operated within state law, marks a massive step backward for veteran patients. The veteran community has found acute relief for their numerous service-connected injuries in cannabis, and the continued criminalization of this plant makes outlaws out of our nation's heroes.

As a Senator, AG Sessions voted repeatedly to commit US troops to open-ended conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan without strategy or oversight, costing taxpayers trillions and over 7,000 servicemembers their lives, while voting against funding the Department of Veteran Affairs citing fiscal restraint. There are many among the 50,000 physically wounded veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan whose lives have been saved by cannabis, yet the Department of Justice refuses to license additional research which can provide evidence of its efficacy. In light of his personal impact on the veteran community, the Veterans Cannabis Coalition calls on AG Sessions to reconsider this move and meet with veteran advocates so he can see for himself that good people "DO" use cannabis.

Ultimately, the legal status of cannabis is the responsibility of Congress, so additionally we call upon Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to take up this issue in 2018 and finally reschedule cannabis and remove the roadblocks for research.



The Veterans Cannabis Coalition is dedicated to ensuring that veterans have access to the medicine they need without fear or stigmatization. We are focused on engaging stakeholders, educating policymakers and the public, and advocating for fair and equitable cannabis laws.