Veterans Cannabis Coalition to Testify Before House Committee on Small Business


by Veterans Cannabis Coalition

We're excited to announce that Veterans Cannabis Coalition has been invited to testify before the House Committee on Small Business next week on issues facing veteran entrepreneurs working throughout the cannabis industry. We're joining representatives from the Minority Cannabis Business Association, National Cannabis Industry Association member First Federal Bank, and Heritage Foundation. We appreciate the work that the Committee and Chairwoman Representative Nydia Velazquez are doing to identify and address the many obstacles and inconsistencies facing veterans who exercise their freedom to choose legal employment in a rapidly-growing sector.

For example, veterans are being denied Department of Veterans Affairs home loans and Small Business Administration loans if they earn any significant income from cannabis related businesses, including in ancillary firms like packaging. This is a direct result of the inconsistent and hypocritical way cannabis is treated under federal law, where cannabis is acknowledged as simultaneously having both medical value and no medical value, where the plant is legal so long as it has some small arbitrary percentage of THC, and where identical synthetic versions of major cannabinoids are turned into licit pharmaceuticals. We aim to continue to work with Congress to resolve these long-standing, flawed provisions in law everywhere they exist, and hope to add an important perspective to this ongoing effort.

AdvocacyEric G