New Documentary Featuring Veterans and the Impact of Cannabis on PTSD

Ryan Miller, co-founder of Operation EVAC

Ryan Miller, co-founder of Operation EVAC

by Veterans Cannabis Coalition

Green Flower Media has released a new documentary featuring veterans and doctors discussing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the potential benefits of cannabis in treating or helping people manage PTSD, and the biological mechanics of how cannabinoids may provide relief for PTSD sufferers.

We’re excited to see Advocates Council member Ryan Miller, co-founder of Operation EVAC, along with many other members of the organization, as well as Aaron Augustis, founder of the Veterans Cannabis Group featured throughout the documentary.

Pairing the lived reality of patients with expert explanations of medical research and biology is key to advancing the public’s understanding of the medicinal applications of cannabis and how it could be used effectively. Glad to see this come to fruition and we hope to see like-minded efforts in the future.

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